Different Types of Mattresses

A Guide to Different Types of Mattresses

Sleeping well is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and productive because a healthy sleep of 7-8 hours helps our mind and body to rejuvenate and gather back the lost energy.  But what to do, if you are having trouble sleeping. Well, the reason for that could be, that you have forced your mind to stay active and awake late in the night, some medical condition, or an uncomfortable mattress.

If not right, then a mattress can worsen your sleep Quality and generate back pain, joint, and muscle aches, and even harm your spine. And if your mattress is preventing you from getting a good night's sleep, then it’s high time to change it.

But what if you just bought a new one which is also not helping you sleep better, then we suggest using it for at least 30 days before reaching some conclusion. Because generally, it takes our body 30 days to get comfortable with a different or new mattress.

Before you start shopping for a mattress that can help you sleep better, you should learn more about Mattresses and their advantages. Because there are so many options, it's impossible to choose a mattress without first learning about the many types of mattresses, their properties, and how they may affect your sleep quality.

So Keep Reading To Know About Mattress Types And Their Benefits-

Types Of The Mattress And Their Benefits

Mattresses are available in a range of types, based on the materials used in their construction, such as foam, springs, felts, and fabrics, and each has its own set of advantages.

Bonnell Spring Mattress

Bonnell springs are made of various springs connected by a sturdy wire around the mattress's perimeter to create a box-like coil system that provides consistent support and comfort. While also adding bounce to the mattress. The quality and amount of springs determine the innerspring’s strength.

Bonnell Spring Mattress

Bonnell Spring Mattresses are more breathable due to their open structure. The gap between the coils allows for better air circulation and increases breathability and also keeps the mattress much cooler making it the best choice for people who sweats more, have higher temperature surroundings, or need firm back support. For comfort and suppleness, spring mattresses have layers of foam, like memory foam, latex, or HR foam, to provide firm support along with plush comfort, so you can sleep better.

However, in addition to the advantages, Bonnell Coil Mattresses have certain disadvantages. One is that the springs might sag over with time and become loud when under pressure. Furthermore, the firmness of these mattresses can put strain on joints and pressure points such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Springs, also known as Marshal Springs, Wrapped Coils, or Encased springs, are made with individual springs enclosed with a cylindrical or barrel-shaped fabric that is either stitched or glued together to create a series of individual springs.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Springs, also known as Marshal Springs, Wrapped Coils, or Encased springs, are made with individual springs enclosed with a cylindrical or barrel-shaped fabric that is either stitched or glued together to create a series of individual springs and each of these springs moves individually to provide tailored support and prevents motion transfer. Which makes a Pocket Spring Mattress an ideal option for couples sharing a bed, regardless of the size, weight, or sleeping position. For example, while you toss ‘n’ turn on one side of the bed the rest of the mattress stays unmoved.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is made of a polymer called Polyurethane, also known as Low-resilience Polyurethane or viscoelastic foam. It was originally designed by NASA for better support, comfort, and pressure absorption for space crafts and aircraft seats. Later on, it became widely popular in the mattress industry because of its optimum comfort and support qualities.

Memory Foam Mattresses conform to your body and distribute pressure evenly while relaxing pressure points. It gives the sink in effect, meaning when you sleep on memory foam heavy part like the shoulders and hips sink into the mattress and lighter parts like the lower back and neck gets full support to maintain their natural position.  But once the pressure is removed it returns to its natural state.

Memory Foam Mattress

Due to its high density and closed-cell structure, memory foam prevents dust mites and molds to grow in the mattress but these qualities can also absorb and trap heat inside the mattress which makes it not so good choice for hot weather.

However, with technological advancements, this is no longer an issue. For example, there is a technology called Crystal Cool Gel technology, which keeps the mattress cool from the inside, allowing you to sleep without sweating.

Latex Mattress

Latex is a natural and eco-friendly rubber-like substance that provides better support and comfort. It is made from the milky white sap of the rubber tree and has an open-cell construction. Aside from Natural latex, there is another type of latex that is made from chemicals rather than natural rubber.

Latex Mattress

Latex has open cell construction which allows better airflow and keeps the mattress breathable, temperature regulated, and prevents allergens.  Latex mattresses conform to your body parts to provide better support and help to maintain natural spine alignment.

The high resiliency of latex allows the mattress to sink in under pressure and then bounce back to its original shape once the pressure is released which also helps to extend the mattress's durability.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are developed using a variety of different mattress components like memory foam, latex, HR foam, Bonnell Springs, or Pocket springs. You might be able to find a Hybrid Mattress that combines any of these materials. One hybrid mattress may feature Bonnell springs and latex, while the other might include Memory foam, HR foam, and latex but no spring system.

Hence, a hybrid mattress is a great option for people who need a different level of comfort and support in their mattress. To buy a hybrid mattress just make sure that the mattress includes the right elements that meet your requirements and can help you sleep restfully and undisturbed.

High Resilience HR Foam Mattress

High Resilience Foam, commonly known as HR Foam or high-resilience polyurethane foam, is the highest quality PU foam available. HR Foam, as the title suggests, is a high-resilience, more elastic, and dense foam that adapts to your body and equally distributes pressure over the mattress' surface, providing more comfort.

The dense cell structure of the HR foams prevents motion transfer, reduces disturbance, and lasts a lot longer than a regular foam mattress.

Every person has a distinct preference for mattresses, but the aim is always the same: to have a nice, pleasant, and undisturbed night's sleep without back discomfort, sore muscles, or stiffness. However, purchasing a mattress is more of an investment that will have an impact on your sleep and overall health.

HR Foam Mattress

To make this investment worthwhile, get a mattress that provides the comfort and support your body needs. For example, you can buy the memory foam, latex, or HR Foam mattress for customized comfort or a pocket spring system for individualized support and no partner disturbance.

If in doubt you can also contact our mattress experts to get the right mattress recommendation and buy a mattress that fits your requirements. Also after your purchase, if you find the mattress is not helping you to have quality sleep or is not comfortable enough, then you can make use of our 30-Night Trial Policy