Tips for Better Sleep

How to Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Our bedroom is the most private and peaceful place in the house. This is where we spend the majority of our time performing our favourite hobbies, where we read in bed, binge-watch shows, work, or sleep after a long day. However, if the room is unorganised and messy, it will not give the essential peace and relaxation, and it may even interrupt the sleep rhythm. In such cases, updating the bedroom is required.

That being said, here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind while designing, decorating or upgrading your bedroom, so you could get Quality Sleep every night.

Buy a High-Quality Bed & Mattress

The centrepiece of any bedroom is the bed and everything else; furniture and decor are arranged according to it. Also, a bed, mattress and bedding are the most essential part of sleep, so while you are designing or upgrading your room, upgrade your bed and mattress as well. A bed should be of the size that fits in your space without crowding it. You can pick beds and Mattresses according to your circumstances; for example, if you have little space in your room, you can buy a box bed for storage or a foldable or convertible bed that doesn’t occupy the majority of space.

Buy Amore Mattress

Your bed should be able to accommodate you well and should give ample space to sleep comfortably and the same goes for mattresses. While buying a mattress make sure to find the option that meets your requirements. Think of what Type of Mattress you want in what size and height, because mattresses come in plenty of options to meet the demands of different people.

Get the Comfortable & Easy-to-Care Beddings

Mattress accessories such as pillows, bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers, and quilts work with your mattress to improve your sleep. This is why your bedding should be both comfy and easy to maintain. You won't be able to sleep comfortably if your bedding is unpleasant, uncomfortable or does not fulfil your requirements. Instead of purchasing the first option, you see, invest your time and money to find and buy good-quality bed & bedding.

Comfortable Beddings

Bed sheets and pillow covers are made from a variety of materials, some of which are more comfortable to sleep on than others. Cotton, linen, polycotton, and silk are all good fibre choices. These textiles are soft, pleasant, and do not irritate the skin. Pillows  and blankets also are available in multiple options depending on the fillings, size, designs and price range. Also, blankets quilts, etc., are used for a long time so you better find the options that are good for you.

Your bed should make you feel calm and comfortable so that you can sleep well. So, for your beddings, avoid overly vibrant, large-printed, eye-sore colours and designs. Instead, go for a gentle colour palette of neutral shades. These soft or neutral colours will also complement your décor, and make your space appear larger and cleaner.

Room Décor- Colours, Furniture & Textiles

While upgrading or designing, choose the colours wisely because the colours can change the complete look and feel. If you have a small space then use light colours, it will make the area looks larger, more spacious and clean. Also, arrange your décor pieces to match your colours and design and add minimally decoration, so your room doesn’t look jam-packed. If you want to add some character and fun, then you can decorate a particular part of your room or wall with bright colours, patterns or designs, it will make your room look better and livelier.

Bedroom Decor

While you are at it, take a quick inventory of your furniture, keep the important ones and let go of the unrequired ones. No extra cupboards, tables and chairs. Also, make a furniture arrangement layout, and arrange your furniture as per the layout.

Next comes the textiles, i.e., curtains, mattress accessories etc. Normally people don’t give much thought to what kind of fabric they use as their curtains or beddings. But fabrics in your room can change the complete look of your room and impact your rest. Therefore, you should use natural and comfortable fabrics like cotton for your bedding and heavy fabrics for your window curtains to block heat, light and wind.

Pick the Right Lighting

Light in a bedroom is essential to creating a resting and peaceful ambience. The key to getting the proper lighting is layering. Layer different types of lights in your sleep area, so that when required you can use them accordingly. Get some low-light bedside lamps and low lights around your bed area, which can be used at night. Also, avoid using bright lights at night time, because it can pressure your eyes and make falling asleep hard.

Use the light to make your bed the centre of attraction, so when you are tired your focus can divert to bed and help you sleep. This trick is used by hotels to lure their guests to bed and sleep.

Bedroom Lighting

The best kind of light to use in your room or house is LEDs. LED lights come in multiple forms and sizes, which allows you to choose according to your interior. LED lights also help to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Apart from artificial light make proper use of natural light by keeping your windows open when the temperature is low, so you get the natural light in your room and your room gets the proper ventilation.

Clean, De-Clutter & Organize

Your bedroom should be clean and organized, for you to rest. Because a disorganised room can enhance anxiety and restfulness and make sleeping hard. So start keeping your room clean and organize everything, from clothes to books to everything. Make your bed and keep it tidy, don’t litter clothes or shoes everywhere, instead use some hamper or baskets.

Clean Your Bedroom

De-clutter, sort your stuff and separate the essentials from non-essentials. Keep the necessary stuff and the rest, which is not required or has no use, put away from your room.

To keep your room clean and hygienic you can also add some indoor plants to your room and use some light and calming fragrances to keep the room fresh. It will also help to reduce stress, and anxiety and create a happy environment.