Top 10 Tips To Buy A New Mattress Online

Top 10 Tips To Buy A New Mattress Online

In the days raving with online shopping culture, we can buy nearly anything online, from a pen to jewels.  It's convenient, time-saving, and simple. We don't have to walk around looking for what we want to buy; we can browse for it online and buy it with a few clicks. However, there are still numerous items that consumers are hesitant to purchase online, including mattresses.

Many people of individuals still choose to Buy Mattress in a physical store rather than online. Because of some incorrect assumptions and preconceived beliefs, they believe that purchasing it online will result in them receiving the wrong product that will not suit them. But it’s not that. In fact, Buy Mattress Online is quite easy, especially with these 10 easy tips.

1. Make up your mind on mattress type

First and foremost, you must decide on the sort of mattress you want, as there are numerous options available, including memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. All of these are popular among consumers due to their different characteristics and level of comfort. Memory Foam Mattresses are one of the most popular among people who prefer tailored comfort. It is comprised of Memory foam, a high-density foam that delivers customized comfort and support. The memory foam conforms to your body to provide the necessary comfort, relieving pressure and pain. It is ideal for side sleepers or couples since it prevents motion transmission, resulting in uninterrupted sleep.

In our list, innerspring, especially pocket spring, is next among the most loved bed mattresses. Pocket Springs Mattress  has a structure of individually wrapped coils connected with each other. These coils move independently to adjust to the curve of your body, providing personalized support. As a result, everyone who sleeps on a pocket spring bed feels as if it was built just for them. Pocket spring mattresses are particularly ideal if you are a light sleeper who gets easily disturbed and shares your bed with a partner or children.

The hybrid mattresses combine innerspring and foam layers to provide the best of both worlds. The foam layers could be of memory foam, ortho foam, HR foam or even latex. Depending on its construction and composition, you can get varied levels of comfort and other benefits. 

2. Choose a reputed brand

Now hopefully, you have established what type of mattress you wish to invest in, the next step is to choose the right brand. You will come across many brands both affordable and premium selling hundreds of products promising the best. However, it is your call, to choose whichever brand you go with. Check the brand’s website to learn about its product range and product description, policy after-sales service etc. Choose a well-established and reputable brand to ensure a smooth purchasing experience and access to customer support if needed.

When you find a promising brand selling the product you are interested in. You have crossed a big hurdle.

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3. Select some options and compare them

After you've decided on the brands and Types of Mattresses you want, choose two or three options that appeal to you. Put them side by side. Examine their quality, composition, durability, materials used and the benefits they provide. Compare these items to see which one provides the most benefits. This allows you to select the Best Mattress with the necessary features and attributes. This also helps you comprehend the product better and ensures that you are not making a hasty decision that you will later regret.

4. Look for the right material, property and features

The quality of each material, such as foam, springs, and textiles, influences mattress quality. Each of these materials has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that might affect your comfort and sleep experience. When looking for mattresses online, consider the type of foam, springs, and fabric that will benefit you. Memory foam, innerspring, HR foam, ortho foam, fabric types, technologies, and so on are some of the most prevalent materials.

Additionally, seek a mattress with improved breathability, lifespan, hypoallergenic properties, pressure relief and less motion transmission. You can choose a mattress type based on your needs. If you are a hot sleeper, for example, you will require a mattress that does not absorb and hold heat. You can also get an Orthopedic Mattress if you have chronic back discomfort or pressure spots.

5. Choose the right firmness and size

When you've decided on the best mattress for you, the following step is to select the appropriate size and firmness. There are single, twin, double, queen, and king sizes available, as well as bespoke sizes. Firmness levels range from soft to hard.

Refer to your bedroom space, bed size, sleep position and preference, and whether you sleep alone or share your bed to determine the proper mattress size. It is critical to understand what size mattress you require and to get the correct size. If your bed is too small, you won't have enough space to sleep properly, which can be especially difficult if you share the bed. Furthermore, if your bed is larger than you require, it may take up excessive space in your bedroom, making it feel cluttered.

For correct firmness, it is important to know your preference. The ideal firmness level depends on your sleep position and personal preferences. Side sleepers generally prefer a softer bed, while back and stomach sleepers may prefer something firmer.

6. Determine your budget

Mattresses come in a wide range of prices, from budget-friendly to luxury models. Having a budget in mind can help you narrow down your options and focus on options that are within your price range. It ensures that you don't overspend or make an impulse purchase that could strain your back account.

Without a budget, you might be tempted to spend more than you originally intended when you come across higher-priced mattresses with enticing features. A budget acts as a financial guideline and helps you stick to your spending limits.

Knowing your budget allows you to compare products in the same price range more effectively. It also allows you to have realistic expectations about the quality and characteristics of the mattress you can afford, preventing you from being disappointed.

7. Check product reviews | ratings | customer feedback

One way to make sure you get the right mattress is to read online reviews, feedback and product ratings. The reviews and ratings can provide information on the mattress's quality, durability, lifetime, comfort, and support. In reviews, you can find if any user has mentioned any experienced some issues with products, such as sagging, motion gearbox, or off-gassing. Along with any faults, you can also find the best features and positive reviews about products, brand reputation and their services.

8. Check for the trial period

While shopping online, check for the mattress’s trial period. Online retailers offer a trial period, during which, you can place your order and test it at home for a set length of time. The majority of brands include a 30-day trial period. You can use the mattress in a trial period, during which time it will adjust to your body and you can ensure if it suits you or not. If you have any problems with the product during the trial period and decide it's not the right fit, you can return it within a specified timeframe.

9. Check the Warranty and Return Policy

Ensure that the mattress you are selecting comes with a warranty that meets your expectations. A warranty typically covers manufacturing defects and issues that arise during normal use. It ensures that you can receive a replacement or repair if your mattress has problems like sagging or broken springs.

Additionally, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty. Some warranties may have specific requirements, like using a certain type of foundation or mattress protector, to maintain coverage. Note any limitations, such as what constitutes excessive sagging or wear, and what is excluded from warranty coverage (e.g., stains or physical damage).

The return policy outlines the conditions under which you can return or exchange the product if you're not satisfied with it. It's essential to know this policy in case the mattress doesn't meet your comfort expectations.

10 Place your order

When you have covered all of the points mentioned above, there is just one more step you need to take to order your brand-new mattress: click on that shop now button. But before you do that make sure to check for any discount scheme or sale on your chosen product. If you still have some reservations, you can directly contact the brand representative for additional information and a smooth purchase experience.


Buying a mattress online might seem a bit complicated but it really isn’t. Just follow the mentioned tips and steps; choose a reputed brand and product, compare them with other options and choose the one that fits your budget. Check the trial period, return policy, warranty and customer feedback and review of the product and brand. Then finally place your order in the size you need.

If you are looking for a reputed brand that designs mattresses, especially for Indian consumers, you can check out our product collection. If you need further assistance while purchasing, connect with our sleep experts. They will guide you through the process. And in just a few days you will have your New Mattress at your home.